School Garden Consulting

Turn vegetable and herb gardening into a local sport when you design a user-friendly community garden for local citizen farmers enjoyment. Learn to create appropriate by-laws with irrigation, fertilization & pest control policies, and shared assets.

Outdoor Edible School Garden Creating a school garden can be a daunting task if you don't know where to start. Pull  together the right team of administrators, teachers, and parents. Then, add an experienced school garden consultant to sprout a successful STEAM project in your school. Together, we will review space, logistics and curriculum needs within your community.

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Raised Beds




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Bring successful edible gardening indoors with small-scale hydroponic systems. Whether you have limited space or simply want a year-round growing environment, today's technology gives new meaning to fresh and local-grown produce.

Edible Garden Planning


A raised bed edible garden is designed for simple manageability. Learn to design the ideal school, church yard, urban farm or backyard garden for enhanced soil development. Place a single metal box, a few bale-framed soil containers or multiple cedar framed beds to implement a crop plan.

Indoor Hydroponic School Garden

Matching the outdoor growing season with a school year curriculum can be tricky. Consider a small-scale hydroponic system that grows regardless of unfavorable weather forecasts. As library bookshelf space declines while digital formats prevail, school's can transform unused space into a magnificent science, technology, and nutrition classroom or in-school field destination.

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When available space resembles less of green acres and more of backyard lawn, grow your garden up. Vertical garden plans capitalize on limited square feet and less sophisticated, in-expensive irrigation plans to grow your own.

  • Project Planning
  • Proposal Development
  • Supply Lists & Irrigation Ideas
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Crop Plans
  • Harvest Schedules
  • Volunteer Planning
  • Fertilizing and Pest Control Policies

I can still remember the summer days when I would visit my grandparents garden in East Detroit. My Italian grandfather taught my sister and I how to grow herbs and vegetables while grandma lead us to the kitchen to learn first-hand the art of harvest preparation.

Fast forward to the fall of 2012 and I find myself in a burgeoning garden carrying on the tradition in a contemporary era. In the silence of the morning sunshine, I watch as students return to a new school year. Hauling  in a mountain of fresh vegetables to the school kitchen, I realize that the students in the lunch line today were some of the very same students who helped put those first plants in the ground back in April. Being able to bring local, home-grown food to their school lunch table brought all our efforts around full circle.  

An Edible Schoolyard has provided a place to teach children where good food comes from, the joy of digging in the dirt, and a way to sustain healthy nutrition in their own back yard.

But that is only where our story starts.

With the advent of STEM education, the inspiration of  First Lady Michelle Obama Let's Move program, and the rise of the Maker Spaces in schools around the country, there is more. A lot more. Over the last four years, I've worked with schools to customize edible garden plans to meet their curriculum, community, and timeline - including bringing gardening indoors via hydroponic systems to more closely match the classroom school year.

Whatever your needs, I can help you stay on budget, on task, and on time with a successful school garden program designed for your unique project. From layout, materials, funding, maintenance policies, and even volunteer planning, call today and find out how you get started. In a world where grabbing something in a package has replaced fresh food and family recipes, let's plant the seeds of change together!


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